All Shutters are shipped with shutter-loks.  Click here for printable factory instructions

Place Shutter next to window and mark desired location.  Also mark location for Shutter-Loks on shutter.  When installing on brick, locate holes for Shutter-Loks over mortar lines.*

For smaller sizes use four Shutter-Loks per shutter.  For large sizes 55" (122cm) and over, use six Shutter-Loks per shutter.  (See illustrations below).

For easier installation mark or pre-drill holes into shutter before attaching to wall.  Use a ¼" (6.3-6.5mm) drill bit.

With shutter in location against wall, insert ¼" (6.3-6.5mm) drill bit through holes in shutter and drill into wall surface 3 ¼" (8.26cm) deep.
Note:  For brick or masonry use a ¼" carbide drill bit.  MAKE SURE YOU DRILL HOLES DEEP ENOUGH-so Shutter-Lok doesn't't bottom out.  No anchors are necessary.

Grasp Shutter-Lok supporting shank and push through shutter hole and into wall surface.
Note:  Shutter-Loks will hold in vinyl siding alone without regard to structural surface although it is necessary to drill hole deep enough to accommodate length.

Tap Shutter-Lok gently to snug shutter against siding.  DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN, or this will cause the shutter to dimple.  Shutter-Loks are designed to hold tight and NOT loosen when installed as directed yet still allow for expansion and contraction.

To remove shutters, do not attempt to pull out Shutter-Loks.  Simply use a pair of snips or hacksaw blade to slide behind shutter and cut Shutter-Lok off at shank.

*Note:  Shutter-Loks are designed as a decorative addition to shutters when properly installed.  The best look is obtained when they are placed in consistent locations on your shutters.

Installing Shutters with Shutter-Loks
Available for Download
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Available in all popular shutter colors
Color through technology
Paintable versions available
Installs easily on any surface
Textured wood grain look
Maintenance free finish with 40 year warranty

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