S-Hook and Hinge for Board and Batten Shutter
S-Hook and Hinge for Raised Panel Shutter
Joined Board and Batten Vinyl Shutter
Shutter-Loks - 12/per pack.  All raised panel and louvered shutters are  shipped with shutter-loks.  Additional packs of 12 can be shipped for $5.99/per pack. More Information
3 inch Painted Shutter Screws - 12/per pack. All Board and Batten shutters are shipped with shutter screws.  Additional packs of 12 can be purchased for $5.99/per pack. More Information

Shutter Clips. 12 per bag. $4.99. More
Ferrule- Sold in Packages of 10 for $8.99/pack.  These are used for installing shutters on uneven surfaces.    More...
Decorative Hinge and S-Hook
Shutter Accessories
Decorative Hinge and S-Hook -    Adds an authentic look to new or existing shutters.  Constructed of vinyl, for decorative purposes only.  $10.99 per pack.   4 hinges and 2 S-Hooks per pack (enough to do 1 pair of shutters).

Or, sold by the box for $59.99.  A box includes 6 packs (enough to decorate 6 pair of shutters).    Available in Black Only.
More Information

$59.99/Per Box
$4.99/Per Pack
$8.99/Per Pack
$10.99/Per Pack


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